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ARC Report

2018 Report: Proposal for an Atlantic Regulatory and Cooperation Agreement (ARC)

APEC’s latest report, Moving Forward: The Need for an Atlantic Regulatory and Cooperation Agreement, presents a practical and detailed proposal to advance regional regulatory alignment and government cooperation among the four Atlantic provinces.

It builds upon existing commitments made by the four Atlantic Premiers, including the establishment of a regulatory charter and a Joint Office to reduce unnecessary regulatory differences between provinces and eliminate barriers to trade. APEC’s proposal is designed to accelerate, broaden and sustain the pace of regional regulatory reform. It draws upon the analysis conducted for our 2016 report that explained the importance of interprovincial trade, business and labour mobility; identified the regulatory barriers to economic activity; and made a number of recommendations to move forward, including the need for a comprehensive trade and regulatory agreement. This latest report articulates what such an agreement would look like.

ARC Report

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