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COVID-19 and Member Publications
APEC provided our economic analysis, commentary and webinars on COVID-19 in Atlantic Canada freely to both members and non-members. We've done this to help the whole Atlantic region adjust and respond to the dramatic economic consequences posed by COVID-19. These web posts and webinars temporarily replaced our regular member publications and events. 
Thank you for your continued membership support that has allowed us to focus on the most important economic issue facing the Atlantic region.

As previously noted to members, our member publications have evolved into digital copies only. A revamp of our publications is underway. For a full list of our new member-only publications, click here

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Archived Publications

Archived APEC publications, including the APEC Atlantic Report and Report Card.

ATLΛNTIC Economic Outlook

ATLΛNTIC Economic Update

APECs assessment of how the current years economic performance is shaping up in each of the four Atlantic provinces. This publication is available to APEC members only.

ATLΛNTIC Fiscal Monitor

APECs assessment of the federal and provincial budgets and the key fiscal trends in the region.This publication is available to APEC members only.

Research Reports

APEC's in-depth research reports examine vital regional topics.

APEC Commentary

APEC commentaries are occasional electronic publications that give analysis on a single issue.

Event Reports

These reports highlight key themes from events like APEC's annual Outlook Conference.

Publications in French

APEC occasionally produces reports and other material in both languages.
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