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Why Become an Institutional Subscriber?

Organizations can take out an Institutional Subscription to access APEC publications and discounted event rates. However, Institutional Subscribers are not eligible to vote at annual or other member meetings. 

We are different
APEC is a regionally-focused, independent, economic research and policy organization with a mandate to further economic progress in Atlantic Canada. We have been a trusted source of data-driven business and economic intelligence since 1954 and continue to lead the way in supporting business decision-making and policy analysis that strengthens the region’s future. 

Institutional Subscribers, receive over $750 value per user in quarterly publications*
• Quarterly Atlantic Report: Province-by-province economic data and forecasts; annual economic outlook; investment outlook; fiscal outlook; and articles on current economic topics
• Quarterly Report Card: In-depth research on a feature topic including both economic trends and policy advice
• Major Projects Inventory: Includes searchable online database and mapping tool for all proposed and current investment projects in the region
• Additional Periodic Research reports: APEC’s analysis and policy recommendations on relevant topics
*Number of users with access online member portal is determined by subscription level

Institutional Subscribers receive at least $200 value per user in event discounts*
• APEC events provide opportunities for sponsorship, networking with business and government leaders, and discussion on key economic topics
• Discounted conference rates worth $180 per user for spring Major Projects event and fall business Outlook conference
• Discounts for webinars and other occasional policy events
*Number of event discounts is determined by subscription level; but can be used by any individual in the organization

Subscription Levels
Subscription fees are based on the size of your organization (number of employees), which also determines the number of user accounts.

Patron Level Subscription
A subscription at the Patron level not only offers access to our business and economic intelligence but also helps sustain APEC's independence as a non-profit research organization, enabling APEC to advocate for business strategies and policies to help the region prosper. 

Institutional Subscribers at the Patron level also benefit from free invitation-only dinners with guest speakers; invitations to Patron-only research briefings and discussions; opportunities for regular meetings with APEC's CEO and senior research staff. APEC staff also proactively engage Patrons to learn about their priorities and regional interests to help shape our ongoing research agenda.


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