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Member-Only Publications

APEC’s New ATLΛNTIC Member-only Publication Suite 

APEC’s member-only ATLΛNTIC publication suite provides members with insights on the key short- and medium-term economic trends in Atlantic Canada, highlighting important provincial, industry and city dimensions. These publications help members develop their own business plans, identify opportunities and monitor economic developments outside of their own firm or province.

ATLΛNTIC Economic Outlook

This annual fall publication provides APEC’s economic forecast for each of the four Atlantic provinces and APEC’s assessment of the key drivers behind the outlook.

ATLΛNTIC Economic Update

This publication, released each spring and summer, provides APEC’s assessment of how the current year’s economic performance is shaping up in each of the four Atlantic provinces.

ATLΛNTIC Investment Outlook

This annual spring publication provides APEC’s forecast for major capital project investment in each of the four Atlantic provinces and APEC’s assessment of the key drivers behind the outlook.

APEC’s Major Projects Inventory

This annual spring publication lists key details for all the large capital investment projects underway or proposed in each of the four Atlantic provinces. Members also have online access to the searchable database and mapping tool.

ATLΛNTIC Industry Watch

This annual publication assesses a new or emerging industry or an existing industry that is undergoing significant transformation and that could play an important role in Atlantic Canada’s future economic prosperity.

ATLΛNTIC City Trends

This annual publication assesses economic trends and developments in Atlantic Canada’s six leading cities (Halifax, St. John’s, Charlottetown, Fredericton, Moncton and Saint John).

ATLΛNTIC Fiscal Monitor

These annual publications provide APEC’s assessment of the federal and provincial budgets and the key fiscal trends in the region.

ATLΛNTIC Viewpoint

This occasional publication provides a brief overview of a current economic policy topic of importance to the Atlantic region.

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