An independent think tank dedicated to economic progress in Atlantic Canada.


Why Join APEC?

The Atlantic Provinces Economic Council (APEC) has been a leader in promoting the strength of Atlantic Canada’s economy for more than 60 years. Through our research, publications, conferences and policy advice, members receive informed analysis of the issues affecting the region that allows them to discover new opportunities for growth and make strategic decisions that can steer their organizations toward success.

APEC does not receive any core funding from government. We count on the support of members to help us continue to act as an independent and trusted champion of Atlantic Canada’s economy.


Benefits of Membership

 Quarterly reports exploring the economic health of the region

 Report Cards providing important commentary on economic trends

 Detailed reports examining critical issues of the day 

 Insightful commentary 

Tailored presentations delivered by APEC staff at corporate events

 An opportunity to support Atlantic Canadian progress.

Join us!

A trusted and non-partisan source of critical business intelligence, APEC champions productivity and innovation, empowering the region to take advantage of global economic opportunities. APEC’s members can be found in every area of business, government, and academia in Atlantic Canada.

APEC regularly represents the region in national forums on such critical topics as energy, trade and the state of the Canadian federation. We ensure the region’s views and concerns are heard on the national stage by advising federal ministers and the prime minister, and participating in Canada-wide dialogues.

A key aspect of APEC’s activities is its frequent engagement with regional stakeholders in government, business, education and community groups as well as with key policy experts and other groups outside the region. With these supporting voices, APEC's research, publications and events create a fact-based frame of reference for discussing regional economic challenges and opportunities, promoting dialogue and shaing a vision for a better future for Atlantic Canada.


For more information, please contact: 

Carmel Mikol 
Membership & Events Administrator
902.422.6516 ext. 225


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