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Indigenous Research

Indigenous people play an important and growing role in the Atlantic economy, but economic indicators show that there is more work to be done to fully realize their economic potential. These pages highlight the important Indigenous-focused work APEC has completed.

Our current series focuses on how Indigenous businesses and communities can contribute to and benefit from long-term economic growth in the Atlantic region. 

The first report in this series, Atlantic Canada's Indigenous Communities & Businesses: Long-term Economic Opportunities as the Covid-19 Recovery Continues, sets the stage by summarizing the effects of COVID-19 on Indigenous communities and businesses and discusses the key drivers affecting the region's economy and their potential implications. It also articulates the unique challenges facing Indigenous communities and businesses and the contributions they can offer to the rest of the Atlantic region. 

The second report in this series, The Importance of Broadband Access Within Indigenous Communities, assesses the gaps in high-speed internet access between Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities and how to narrow the digital divide. 

The third report, Key Sector Growth Opportunities, discusses key growth sectors in Atlantic Canada that have strong relevance to Indigenous communities and businesses. This report also emphasizes the importance of sustainable and equitable partnerships.

The final report in this series, Atlantic Opportunities and Prospects for Indigenous Youth, examines Indigenous youth labour market trends and education, training, and employment opportunities in Atlantic Canada. It also provides insight on opportunities for Indigenous youth in key regional growth sectors - fisheries and aquaculture, clean technology and renewable energy, ocean technology, digital technology, and Indigenous tourism. 

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