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Finding Talent

Reports of labour and skill shortages were widespread in Atlantic Canada prior to COVID-19, as we noted in our  2020 report. They have quickly reappeared during the recovery.

From small business to large exporters, digital firms  to  non-profits, construction to health care, finding talent is an issue across the economy. These challenges have become more complex with the onset of COVID-19, with changing job preferences and expectations, and increased use of technology and remote work.

Changes in compensation, immigration, hiring underrepresented groups, retraining and automation are among the strategies that employers in the region are moving towards. Are these sufficient to support the rapidly changing needs of our economy?

This series of reports assesses both the current and future skills issues in Atlantic Canada. We take a deeper dive on select sectors to identify practical strategies that may be most effective and how these may differ by occupation and industry.  

Featured Reports: 

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