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Next Great Ideas Videos

The Next Great Idea Videos - Send Us Yours  

The Atlantic Provinces Economic Council is committed to economic progess in Atlantic Canada. We are looking for the best ideas on way to move the regional economy forward.

Flip open your smart phone or open the camera on your computer and send us a 30-60 second clip outling your most impressive suggestion for the way forward.

Email it to  along with yor name and we'll post it to our website, include it in a video or share it at a special meeting in Halifax September 24. Camera shy? Send us an email (maximum 150 words) and we'll share that too.

 Here are some of the video ideas already submitted. What do you think? Tell us at

Make plans to come and share your ideas at The Next Great Idea September 24 at Saint Mary's University, 5 p.m. - 7 p.m.. 



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