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Navigating Atlantic Canada’s Changing Labour Market

April 28, 2022 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

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Navigating Atlantic Canada’s Changing Labour Market

Solutions to our Skills Challenges

Widespread reports of labour and skill shortages in Atlantic Canada have quickly reappeared during the recovery from COVID-19. They are unlikely to dissipate anytime soon. To support a healthy and inclusive labour market, government and businesses need effective strategies that address ongoing shifts in our region’s economy.

This webinar addressed topics including:

  • How will factors such as our demographics, digitalization and the greening of the economy impact our future labour force and the skills they need?
  • Which industries are struggling the most with labour and skill shortages?
  • Are urban or rural employers most affected by these trends?
  • What are some practical solutions to address our skills challenges?

APEC’s researchers provided our assessment of current and future skills issues in Atlantic Canada. They also shared advice on practical solutions that can be applied across the economy, drawing upon deep dives we have undertaken on four sectors.

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