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EU Profile

The EU began in the 1950s as an initiative to foster economic cooperation between six founding countries but is now a large economic and political partnership spanning much of Europe. Today the EU consists of 28 member countries with 24 official languages and nine national currencies in addition to the euro.

The EU includes a mix of large, affluent countries as well as many smaller, lower-income countries that are experiencing rapid growth. Understanding this diversity is important for Atlantic exporters as it may impact the best entry market for their product: income levels, growth potential, technological standards, infrastructure, business risk, and consumer preferences all vary across the EU.

This report explores the profile of the EU, providing export-ready business leaders with critical information they need to determine how and where to begin their opportunity to capitalize on this market.

The report includes:

  • A brief history of the EU, its structure and key institutions
  • The size of the EU and potential for growth
  • Industry structure and trade flow
  • Manufacturing specialization across the EU
  • Practical consideration for doing business 
  • An overview of CETA 


Download  the full report:

A Brief Profile of the EU: Key Considerations for Atlantic Exporters (English)

Profil sommaire de l’UE – Principales considérations pour les exportateurs de l’Atlantique (French)

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