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COVID-19 in Atlantic Canada

COVID-19: Assessing the Economic Impacts for Atlantic Canada 
APEC is monitoring the number of cases of COVID-19 and the progress being made in vaccinating people in Atlantic Canada and our key Canadian and internationalmarkets. These metrics are key indicators of the likelihood that jurisdictions will impose tighter economic restrictions to control the virus and their willingness to ease restrictions and reopen their economies. 

In 2020 APEC dedicated its research resources to providing extensive and timely research on the economic impacts of COVID-19 and how we can mitigate the downturn and strengthen the recovery. As shown on these pages, we provided analysis of the broad economic effects, the implications for specific industries, and shared our findings and views in webinarsand short videos. To support businesses, governments and organizations across the region, we made this research freely available to both members and non-members.

We continue to monitor and report on the economic recovery in our member-only publications. We encourage you become a memberor subscribe to our publications, to benefit from our ongoing independent insights and analysis on Atlantic Canada’s economy.

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COVID-19: Key Issues for Atlantic Canada's Economy

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