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Clean Growth Report

This new APEC report assesses Atlantic Canada’s progress towards clean growth, highlights some of the challenges, and identifies key policy priorities. 

For this report, an economy (industry or firm) may be viewed as transitioning to clean growth, or experiencing cleaner growth, if economic growth is occurring with a smaller negative environmental impact or a more sustainable use of resources, relative to some historical level or predetermined standard. Clean growth is therefore used in the sense of a transition to stronger economic outcomes with improved environmental performance.

Please click below for the full report, executive summary or individual chapters.


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Chapter 1 - IntroductionDownloadDownload
Chapter 2 - PerformanceDownloadDownload
Chapter 3 - ElectricityDownloadDownload
Chapter 4 - TechnologyDownloadDownload
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Chapter 5.6 - Forest IndustryDownloadDownload
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Chapter 6 - PolicyDownloadDownload
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