Atlantic Canada’s independent voice on economic issues

Mission & Values

Our Mission
APEC is the source for independent research, insights and ideas vital to supporting a healthy, inclusive and sustainable Atlantic Canadian economy.  

Our Values

►  Independent
We are a non-government, non-partisan organization. We are supported by our members and guided by a board of directors with representation from across Atlantic Canada.

►  Regionally focused          
We operate with Atlantic Canada in mind. The information and advice we provide relates to the people, communities, resources and opportunities in our region.

►  Relevant
We tackle the issues of the day in a timely fashion. We stay on top of emerging trends and major event that affect our regional economy.

►  Balanced
We consider all perspectives. We know that policy recommendations impact a number of people, organizations and sectors in many ways. We work collaboratively across many lines to bring a balanced approach. 

►  Solution-oriented
In addition to providing reliable and vital information, we bring ideas that are solutions to complex challenges and open the door to economic progress.

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