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APEC Internship Program

APEC hires an Economist on an annual basis, from September 1 through August 31 each year. This is a paid internship.


Working at APEC provides interns with a number of unique benefits that advance their careers as economists:

  • an unparalleled opportunity to learn about Atlantic Canada’s economy;
  • exposure to a wide range of economic policy issues;
  • interaction with business leaders and government officials;
  • opportunities to apply and develop research and writing skills; and
  • mentoring from more experienced colleagues.        

Previous interns have moved on to work for a variety of organizations including provincial and federal governments. Outstanding interns will also be considered for an extension or permanent position at APEC. 

Here is what some former interns have said about this program. (See below for more details.)

  • "You get to experience every aspect of research, from data collection to analysis to publishing reports."
  • "The internship develops the total package of skills to be an economist."
  • "You learn about many current topics, which helps you discover your areas of interest."
  • "I was impressed with how they helped me develop my career." 

Career Webinar

APEC was one of five organizations that participated in a webinar, hosted by the Atlantic Association of Applied Economists, to discuss some of the opportunities for economists in Atlantic Canada, what economists do on a daily basis, and what employers are looking for. In this session, APEC's Director of Research talks about APEC's internship program and its summer student position.

To watch this one-hour webinar, held in March 2017, please click here.

To Apply

The position is usually advertised each spring on APEC's website, through Atlantic university economics departments and select university economics departments across Canada.

This position has been filled for Fall 2021, but please check back for Fall 2022 opportunities. 


Testimonials from former interns

"Just coming out of graduate school, the internship gives you an edge in your career. When I started my current job, I had the confidence I needed because I was used to working with experienced economists. The internship develops the total package of skills needed to be an economist while working for a respected think tank. I don’t know a more valuable learning opportunity than working at APEC."

Neil MacKinnon
Senior Advisor
Financial Systems Division, Finance Canada
APEC Intern 2010-2011



“APEC is a very positive, encouraging place with welcoming staff. I was impressed with how they helped me develop my career. One of the great things about APEC is I learned what it means to be an economist. I was surprised with the wide range of topics we covered. Working in a small organization is great. I felt like I was learning from the best. I wouldn’t have been able to jump into my current role without their coaching and support.”

Ryan MacLeod
PEI Department of Finance 
APEC Intern 2011-2013

“At APEC, you learn about many current economic topics, which help you discover areas of interest. You have the opportunity to work on different types of projects in a fast paced environment. Working at APEC helped me strengthen valuable work skills such as attention to detail, efficient use of Microsoft Office applications, and how to write to a specific audience.”

Lana Asaff
Senior Policy Analyst
Nova Scotia Department of
Finance & Treasury Board
APEC Intern 2013-2014



"I really enjoyed working on the Atlantic Canada-EU project. I was there when we got approval to start, and I got to see it through very nearly to the end.  We used some pre-existing data, and I was able to do a bunch of interviews with business leaders. That on-the-ground approach was very interesting, and the experience gave me a lot of confidence for my current job."

Claire Landin
Intergovernmental Tax Policy Division, Finance Canada
APEC intern 2014-2015

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